The Secret to Going Viral on Instagram

March 24, 2018


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When I first started my makeup artistry business I knew that one of the first things I needed to do was build my following on social media sites like Instagram. One of the best ways to build your following is to get viral on Instagram but I soon found that this was much easier said than done.

When I first started my account I used lots of hashtags and interacted with other pages on a daily basis. This helped me build a small but loyal following in the beginning but once Instagram changed their algorithm I saw my engagement slow down drastically. Where I was gaining new views and likes by the hundreds on a daily basis, I know was getting less than half of what I previously got before. I was really at a loss on what I could do to get viral on Instagram and reach a larger audience.

I decided to talk to another makeup artist friend of mine whom I noticed had a rather large following. She shared with me a website whose service she used to help grow her following. She couldn’t say enough good things about the site and even though I was a bit skeptical I decided to go ahead and take a look anyway. Thankfully I liked what I saw on the site so I decided to give it a trial run to see if my account would benefit from their services.

A few months later my followers were growing steadily and I was even getting offers for sponsorships! Brands were noticing my makeup artistry and were reaching out to me for me to feature their products and I even managed to get on a few PR lists. After witnessing the growth and success of my Instagram account I made sure to message my friend and tell her how well things were going!